Sound and vision are very important when it comes to viewing interviews and we put a lot of time and effort in this part of the business.


All viewing / observation rooms are fitted with large one-way-mirrors and stereo sound via wall speakers. Sound can be manually adjusted.


All interview rooms have ceiling microphones and zoom camera’s mounted to the wall.


As we have many international clients we work with simultaneous translators on a weekly basis. The translators sit in the viewing room, so all viewers can see him/her. The translator speaks into a microphone (for dubbed recordings) and he/she speaks out loud in the viewing room so all can hear. Viewers that prefer to listen to the language of the original interview wear a wireless headset.


We make both audio & video recordings. In the language of the interview and, if a simultaneous translator is present, also the translators voice is recorded. Recordings are available directly after the interview and can easily be downloaded.